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Back4Future objectives

Enhanced international exchange of scientists

• Increased international visibility by publications in top-class journals

• Improved ability to acquire funds from highly competitive sources, both nationally and internationally

• Enhanced cross-disciplinary research, especially bridging nano-science and biology

• Education/Motivation of next-generation young scientists

• Strengthened co-operation in research and development with industry at the regional, national and international level

Back4Future long-term vision

CEITEC will become one of the world’s leading hubs, supporting Life-improving Nano-industry by developing unique research-to-market lines of advanced nanomaterials and integrated nanodevices and nano-systems with applications ranging from optics and electronics to life sciences.

News and Events


22. - 27. 2018International Conference on Nanoscience + Technology was be held in Brno in 22 – 27 July 2018, and… Read more »


24. 11. 2017Project Back4Future held a "Workshop and roundtable with industry" on 24th November 2017.There were… Read more »


21.- 25. 10. 2017The school focused on fundamentals of optical response of bulk materials and layered systems.More can… Read more »


6. 10. 2017More than 2000 adults and 300 children visited Ceitec MUNI, Ceitec VUT and MENDELU to participate on the… Read more »


9. - 13. 10. 2017The Brno International Engineering Trade Fair 2017 featured the participation of CEITEC BUT in the… Read more »


9. 11. 2017The Institute of Physics of Materials has opened its door to public as a part of the Week of Science and… Read more »


28. 11. 2017The annual Christmas Workshop held by CEITEC took place in Observatory and Planetarium Brno on 28th… Read more »


30. 11. 2017CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure invited all users to the 2nd CEITEC Nano User Meeting. Meeting took… Read more »


12. 1. 2018During the Open Day held in the physics and engineering laboratories on BUT, visitors were given… Read more »


20. + 23. 1. 2018Open days of Faculty of Science MU were held on 20th and 23rd January 2018.Visitors were given… Read more »